Michael Dunton

Michael Dunton

My Perfect Cup of Coffee

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Personally I think the perfect cup of coffee starts with quality roasted beans. I enjoy the beans I get monthly from Counter Culture Coffee. The coffees I receive monthly, come freshly roasted and are typically a light to medium roast. I highly recommend Counter Culture Coffee, they really go the extra mile and make it their mission to support the farming communities they purchase beans from.

My perfect cup of coffee is made pour over style. I enjoy taking my time and performing the ritual in order to clear my head. There are only a few steps, and 2 simple ingredients.


  • Kalita Wave 185
  • Electric Kettle
  • Mug
  • Filter
  • Digital Scale


Step One

Fill the kettle and boil the water to 210 degrees.

Step Two

Before putting any coffee in, I wet the filter, kalita wave, and mug with hot water. This helps remove any paper taste from the filter, and brings the temprature of everything up a little. Disgard this water after 10 seconds.

Step Three

Add the grinds and 45 grams of water. This is called the bloom stage. I let the water+grounds bloom for 10 seconds and then stir to make sure the bed of grounds is evenly saturated.

Step Four

This is when we pour the majority of our water. Fill the kalita wave with 210 grams of water(60%) making tight circular motions as you pour. let the water drain and give the kalita wave a little shake half way through to ensure the bed is nice and flat.

Step Five

Finish pouring the water up to 350 grams